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Introducing.... The Bit from the Block Project. The First Managed Mining Option.

Celebrating over 6 months of operation!

The Bit from the Block Mining project was created to provide an alternative managed mining solution that has never been seen before. Acting much like a mutual fund, the BFTB project aggregates mining power form several different cloud mining vendors as well as mining power from project owned hardware and sells it in one package as a diversified, managed, mining solution.

Essentially, project members can purchase mining power in as little increments as 1 gh/s at a time. The a single GH of mining power that is purchased through the BFTB mining project, is backed by mining power from all of the project mining exchanges as well as our hardware.

Taking this approach to cloud mining has several major benefits:

  • All BFTB Mining power is diversified. All cloud mining vendors charge different maintenance fees for owning the hashpower in their remote data centers. By owning a single Gh in the BFTB project, you are getting the average maintenance rate of all vendors spread across the market. Some vendors have high fees, and others have very low, so having an average of those maintenance costs is very beneficial.

  • Risk Aversion. Having mining power spread across multiple exchanges, and hardware, means that if we run into one bad apple vendors who ends up shutting down or dissappearing with mining power (which has been known to happen) the BFTB project can re-allocate project mining power to a new vendor and continue operations. This flexibility and liquidity is not something you would have if you purchased mining power from a vendor who shut down, in most cases you would lose everything you have with that vendor.

  • Economies of Scale. By participating and purchase mining power in the BFTB, not only do you have a safer option in this riskly industry we call mining, but you also may end up with bonus payouts. The way this project is designed, you may purchase 1 gh/s of managed mining power but may end up getting the payouts of 1.5 Gh/s or more. As the project grows and mining power fluctuates between vendors, we have been able to accrue more mining power than shares sold. Rather than cashing out on this mining power and taking profits, we have been reinvesting everything back into the project. Purchasing hashing power in larger quantities allows for greater discounts than regular retail purchases. The BFTB project passes those discounts directly to project members through the form of dividends.

Mining Dividend Generation:
90% of Gross Mining Revenue* is paid out in Dividends to project members
10% of Gross Mining Revenue* is reinvested into additional hashing power.

How Can You Join?
Currently the project is being hosting through the NXT Asset Exchange. The BFTB project started on Coinsortium but after numerous issues and losing the ability to withdraw funds, we moved to the asset exchange as a mid-term solution. The goal is to finish building our own cloud mining website to host project hash power sales as well as a live market feature to trade.

Option 1:

  • First Download the Local NXT Desktop Wallet Cliet from the official website here:
  • Create a Wallet and SAVE THE PASSPHRASE. If you lose the passphrase you will lose access to youy wallet.
  • Download the Blockchain. This may take a while depending on your computer.
  • Once you have downloaded the Blockchain, click on the "Asset Exchange" Tab on the left hand side.
  • Once on the "Asset Echange" tab, in the upper right hand corner of the wallet, click the button "Add Asset".
  • Add the BFTB Asset ID. The BFTB Project Asset ID is: 17932033886660099893
  • Now fill your new NXT wallet with NXT and you can purchase mining power on the NXT Asset Exchange.

Option 2:

How Much Per Gh?

Right now the BFTB is selling Bitcoin mining power at .30 Cents per Gh which is currently around ~.0013 BTC.
Hashing power can either be purchase on the NXT Asset Exchange at prevailing market rate where purchases have to be made in NXT or at where you can purchase with BTC or XPY.


Mining Power Buyback:
“BftB” retains the right to buy shares without notice on the prevailing market at the prevailing market rate.
We have no official buy-back policy and use only the current market trading price for valuation.

All investment opportunities come with risk and Bit from the Block “BftB” is no different. Please do your own research and due diligence before investing. We make no promise of returns and every investment carries risk so invest to suit your risk tolerance and invest only what you can afford.
All shares for sale on this platform are in the form of revenue shares and do not represent any ownership in the company.
We make no guarantee of results or profitability and want you to fully understand the risk when investing.
If in doubt Do NOT invest.